I am open for debate on this, as there are many great examples of wonderful character development. I actually have two favorites:

The first, is ending of The Karate Kid, which I have posted here. I know there are many critics who will roll their eyes at this, but in terms of an engaging character who spends nearly the entire movie getting beat up in so many different ways….its hard not to feel good at the end of this movie, as Mr. Miyagi is smiling, you just FEEL GOOD. When I saw this movie for the first time, I realized, movies can change how we feel. If movies can change your feelings, then yes…they do matter. The beauty of the Karate Kid is that everyone understands it and can relate to Danielson immediately. This movie is awarded as an “All Time Michael Andrew Classic”. It ROCKS!

2. The second, Back to the Future, specifically the scene where Marty McFly punches Biff. Again, we have someone we may be able to relate with, bullied and pushed around his whole life, (in different sets of realities) who finally changes everything by making a stand for once. Classic.

Enjoy this clip of Karate Kid and make note of how you feel at the end. I wish more movies were like this. 🙂&rel