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  • Michael introduces the Bemer mat and how it improves capillary circulation, as well as other effects he is noticing from daily use – 0:17
  • Sleeping faster and recovering faster from strenouos activity are some of the benefits of Bemer Mat – 03:41

Good morning everyone! Michael the Maven here! Today I’m going to talk about a tool and device that I’ve been using a couple of months now that has  a huge impact in my life. I did not receive any compensation I’m not an affiliate with the company that makes this product. I’m simply saying this is something I’ve used and I’ve seen a huge improvement. This is called the “BEEMER MATT.”

This is a Matt that you buy. It is very expensive. It is about $5000-$6000. But my perspective on it is if I’m using it every day and it has huge impact on my health, it’s definitely worth it. I was introduced to Beemer Matt by a good friend Paul Romero. He is a marathon runner of 200-mile races and he wins them. He’s a little bit older than me. I think 46 or 47, but he is a stud of an athlete and he’s obviously doing something that I’m not. He has a secret list and so I picked his brain and he shared with me that he used this device something called Beemer Matt to recover faster. So a Beemer Matt essentially replicates the electromagnetic field of the earth. So, when you go to the beach and you lay down on the beach you are in direct contact with electromagnetic field of the earth. When you are in a city and there is asphalt and rubber and all these layers of insulation between you and the earth as well as the higher the altitude when we are on an airplane, we are farther away from the electromagnetic field or this insulation between us and the earth, w e do not get the natural positive benefits of the electromagnetic field in our body. NASA studied this extensively because astronauts run  into problems when their bodies are not in contact with the electromagnetic field of the earth. The idea and science of it is that this electromagnetic field coming from the Beemer Matt or the beach, it has a direct effect on the circulation in our capillaries.

If you type in “beemer”, there are really good videos on youtube or you can see how this electromagnetic field changes the circulation, the amount of circulation, there are often stagnation in certain branches of our capillaries that  slow capillary flow down Capillaries are very small, fine blood vessels. It is really where most of the magic happens i n our bodies in terms of gas exchange and removing toxins and wastes products. So the more circulation that you can get in your capillaries, generally speaking, the healthier  your circulation system is going to work. I would definitely recommend taking a look at some of these videos and see how this circulation improves with the beemer treatment.  There are some chiropractors who offer beemer treatment for 40 or 50 bucks per session. I am convinced it works because I’ve been using it and I see the effects. The biggest effect that it has had on me is in sleep. I fall asleep faster and I sleep through them night and I wake up rested. That is the biggest effect the beemer matt has had on me. I also have tinnitus a ringing in my left ear, it’s constant, it never goes away. There are some reports that it cures tinnitus It has not cured my tinnitus, it’s still the same. Another benefit that I’ve noticed is that I do seem to recover a little faster when i started using beemer matt. I have ruptured my Achilles due to wearing wrong kind of shoes, and it was something that did not heal quickly, I tried ice baths and switch to hot water. I was trying everything, I even went to see a massage therapist. Eventually, I found out it was the kind of shoe I was wearing and I replaced that. I used the beemer matt, it helps to treat it. it increased the circulation, white blood cells, and eventually cured the problems I had with my Achilles. And I can run again which is amazing.

Another benefits I noticed is that I seem to recover more quickly from strenuous exercise. i do a lot of prospect, it is exhausting.  What amusing to beemer matt it seems that my body recovers more quickly. I use it every single night because it puts me to sleep quickly and I sleep  really great.

I wish there was an easy way to get your hands on a beemer matt. You have to find a representative online, contact them and somebody in your area will have one hopefully. In Hawaii there weren’t a lot. If you live in the mainland, there are representatives that would let you try them. There are chiropractors who lets you do a session or two. What I recommend is just  trying it and see how you feel. The first time I used it, I felt very “heavy”, that’s a good word. I fell  asleep immediately. As soon as I got home from Paul’s place, I crashed and I kinda like sunk into my bed.

There are some skeptics  out there who say it doesn’t work and it’s hocus-focus. But I can honestly say as somebody who is not endorsed or being paid  in any way by Beemer, it has improved the quality of my life. I will continue using it for as long as I can. In any event that is the Beemer Matt, check it out if you the chance! Thank you guys for listening and I will see you next time!