There are a lot of bad reviews out there right now about this movie, ignore them & Go see it in theaters. IT WAS AWESOME!

Extremely mild spoilers below, nothing major or plot revealing beyond what is already in trailers.

I think when most people hear about Batman fighting Superman, the conclusion is “There is just no way Superman can lose!” After all Batman is really just a man with a lot of gadgets.

Having read (and at one point owned) both the Dark Knight Returns (in it he fights Superman) as well as Superman vs Doomsday comic books, I was happy to see many of the same themes in the movie. Even the quote “Do you bleed?” was taken right from the pages of the first, and many of the same tactics used by the Dark Knight are in the movie. As in the comic book, Batman gives Superman all he can take. He really whoops him, and in a strange way it is very gratifying to watch. There was something about having read those comic books as a teenager and seeing them finally on screen some 25+ years later that connected with me. If you haven’t read the comic books where these battles took place, you might not appreciate it as much: READ THIS AFTER YOU SEE THE MOVIE FOR THE DETAILS

I have always respected the concept of Batman more because he has no actual superpowers and is an underdog in such a matchup. He resorts to intelligence to fight his enemy. Superman is just too strong to enjoy as a character. It was also very interesting to see Batman’s use of firearms to actually shoot bad guys, even in the comic books he might use guns but not actually shoot a bad guy. I can’t recall ever seeing this before, and while subtle in the movie, it is there.

Ben Affleck was surprisingly good as Bruce Wayne, I was not impressed with Jesse Eisenburg even a tiny bit. Definitely fun to see Wonder Woman, as well as other “meta-humans” in queue.

Lots of eye candy visually, and while there were a few shots that I was embarrassed for (Bruce Wayne getting out of his car at the party, wth happened there?), there were too many other fabulous shots that made up for it (pearl reflections).

One of Batman’s later fight scenes is absolutely legendary. Ive never seen anything like it.

Well done Zac Snyder!

It was a really fun movie and I enjoyed it greatly!