Caught the 12:01 showing of Batman- The Dark Knight. I have never seen the theater in Tuscaloosa so packed before, I had to park on the perimeter of the parking lot (and I was a half hour early!)- I think they had 6 or 7 theaters showing it and they were completely filled.

Wow…this is a very long and a very intense movie, definitely not for children. The make-up on Two Face was extremely freaky. I thought Ledger did a great job.

Batman Begins (the last Batman movie) focused on the contrasting elements of Fear and Courage. There were at least three in Dark Knight which I have added in this locked section. (PW=batman)

What contrasting themes did you notice?

Also, I was completely and utterly surprised at one trailer in particular- I hadnt heard anything about this movie, but WOW WOW WOW. I cannot wait!!Dark Knight Contrasting Themes (in many ways these are sort of the same thing)

Chaos and Control
Chance and Choice
Corruption and Steadfastness

The trailer was for Terminator 4, Christian Bale will be playing John Conner in the future as he is battling the machines!!! Its the last trailer before the movie starts, watch close or you might miss it!