Ive gotten a few requests on this, and while its covered on the PS DVD, I thought I should mention it here. This is a very powerful tool which will save you hours and is one of the best reasons Photoshop is required for those using their images to make money. This lesson assumes you know what an action is and how to run one. (Maybe we should have a post on that as well?)

Say you have 25 images and you want to apply the same effects to them, say a contrast bump, or in this case one of my Lollipops. You will need to have an action that has the adjustments you want to apply.

Go to File–> Automate –> Batch1. Select the Action Set Location and the actual Action you want to Run.
2. Select the location of the files you want to change. They can be in a folder or opened.
3. Select the destination of the new/changed files. If you dont do this, the actions will not work. PS will not allow you to overwrite the same files you are trying to change. You have to make new ones.
Its very important you have Override Action “Save As” Commands checked!!
4. Click OK

Your new files should be in the new destination folder.

Best wishes!