You may be wondering where I have been, well I made it ok to Manhattan (found a great deal on 🙂 – Well, I get all checked in, open my Mac Book Pro, and lo and behold it wouldnt turn on. Its been a perfect computer for the last year,. Im very hard on my Mac Book Pro, I’ve produced all but the 580 DVD on it, post all of my blog entries, etc.

After talking with customer support, I learned the best option were to check out some local apple specialists. The first two they recommended werent able to help me, the third (each of which I had to walk to…nice way to spend my morning) said they would be able to fix it…in 3 days, and Ill be gone in 2. So we decided to have them fix it and ship it to my Louisville Workshop.

I was milli-thoughts from buying the new 13″ Mac Book Pro- I loved it, extremely nice, could hold up to 8 GB RAM, many very nice features, as I was pulling out the money I asked about video editing capablities and the sales person said there was no dedicated video card. (No hard core editing possible).

I had to bust out my like-new PC (I have it stored in a compartment in my Prius just in case something like this would ever happen) I just dont have most of my files or applications, which means I will be stuck posting mostly pictures, not slideshows or videos until I am back live. I took a fun bus tour today, and taking tons of pictures regardless. Also, once I get the Mac Book Pro back, oh my…so many videos and slideshows coming. Ill have 3-4 workshops to post by the time I get it.

Sometimes little set backs like this are good, they force you to rethink your approach and possibly find better solutions.

In any event, I am on my way out to watch “Wicked”. I know very little about it, and my ticket was nearly impossible to get, but I did get one! 🙂