I shot a super fun shoot today in Pelham (basically Birmingham). Christopher and Aubrey’s family and friends made me feel right at home. I was surprised how patient and kind they were to me. It was pretty hot outside, so we took them out in groups for quick 5 minutes shoots and then back inside. When I walked into the room where Aubrey was getting dressed, I felt like someone hit me over the head with a bat (if it could only be in a good way) and this little voice said “the light in this room is perfect”. These two shots were just a handful of dozens she had like this. I was very very happy with them.I liked this shot so much that I intentionally left off my MA logo. It was just too good…she looks perfect and I didnt want anything cluttering it up…..even my own logo. (Which I put on for many reasons, I dont like to do it- its something I have found I have to do….long story)During the ceremony as I was clicking away, I noticed this little girl to my left, I couldnt resist to snap this as she would peek out at me every once in a while.

I also want to publically say on this blog to one of my assistants – Peter, you are getting very, very good. From what I have seen so far, this was by far your best shoot. I am very proud of you.