There are several very interesting facts about Arizona’s Conceal Carry Laws:

1. You do not need to be an Arizona Resident to take a Conceal Carry Certification Class.
2. Arizona’s Conceal Carry Permit is recognized by some ~30 other States, 37 if you are a resident of Az.
3. Most certifcation classes are about 4 hours long, but there are shorter (2 hour) and longer 7-8 hour classes available.
4. It is legal to conceal carry in Arizona without a Conceal Carry permit, as long as you are not a felon or intoxicated.
5. If you have a Conceal Carry Permit, you may bring your firearm into a business that serves alcohol, as long as you are not drinking and there are no signs restricting carry of firearms on location.

Suffice it to say, Arizona has some of the most pro 2nd Amendment laws I have ever heard of.

As a side note, Ive been debating whether or not to chime in on the whole gun debate issue, and I think I will soon just because my conscious isnt letting me not say something. My comments and thoughts may surprise many of you & I realize many of you will disagree with what I have to say, but to be clear, I am definitely a supporter of the 2nd Amendment.