– Why do companies sell UV filters if UV filtration for digital sensors isn’t needed (digital sensors are not sensitive to UV light)?
– Why do they “fake” UV filtered images?
– Why do they talk about Blue Light Removal but cannot demonstrate it in real world conditions?
– UV filters offer little to no impact resistance as clearly demonstrated here in Steve Perry’s great tests. (Steve Perry’s “UV Filters – Do You Need Them Or Not?”

– I agree there are very limited situations where UV filters can prevent dust, sand or minor liquids from reaching the front of the lens (and only the front of the lens), but any shooting in very heavy moisture conditions should be done in a waterproof housing.

– All of this leads me to believe the only real time UV filters are useful, are for minor front shielding of dust and light spray, and sure there is a time and place for that, but for ALL photographers and All lenses? Pure non-sense.

This is why I have a problem when I read the descriptions from manufacturers all pitching cures that do not necessarily apply to their very own UV filters. They are literally lying by telling customers the UV filters will do something they do not.

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Michael’s “10 Stop ND Filter Color Shootout”

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