So stoked to have my good friend and mentor Arden Ward on board to help judge this year’s photography contest. I met Arden many years ago as a videographer shooting video for the same wedding she was shooting photography for.

After a brief discussion on Canon lenses, we clicked and she was the first real pro who offered to help me learn. I had asked several others up to that point, but every single one I asked didn’t want to help (I think they were worried about creating a competitor).

Of all the photographers I know and admire, she has had the biggest impact on my photography more than anyone else. I was able to shoot second with her on many occasions and her feedback (and criticism) was so huge in those early stages.

If you think you may recognize Arden, it’s probably because she is a featured Mpix photographer: Arden Ward on MPix. She has appeared in numerous magazines and is considered one of the very top pros in the South Eastern US. I know she also travels all over the world shooting destination weddings and celebrities.

Arden’s main photography website is also a must view:

Arden Ward Photography

– I am working on a great video…should be done with it tonight or tomorrow! You are going to want to see this! 🙂