I got a lot of feedback from the Enterprise Damage Article which I wrote and have since took down. The reason I took it down was because all claims had been dropped and I feel they did try to make it right. I had a bad experience with Priceline this last week as well, and was about to bring the BOOM on them too, but their corporate offices called the next day and also made it right.

I wont nit pick little problems with customer service, things happen. But, if a company is clearly doing something intentionally dishonest, yes, I will it bring it to light here and share it with as many people as I can.

All that said, I want to share some positive experiences I have with companies, and while most of the time I am quite satisfied with most of the companies and products I use, when I see my expectations far exceeded, I want to share these as well.

As many of you know, my laptop had some broken keys which didnt allow me to type. I returned the laptop, and Apple said the battery was also no good, and unfortunately I would have to buy a new one, about $100. I wasnt happy about this but figured ok because I use it so much. When I picked it up yesterday, Apple not only fixed the key board, they found several other little things that needed work, like my internal fans needed to be replaced, the entire top part of the unit, not just the key board was replaced, and they even replaced my battery all at no extra charge, it was about $400 of work.

I love Apple and sure am happy with their products and service!