For those of you who have been following the on-going saga of my Apple Mac Book Pro, you should know that last weekend, the disk drive failed, and I had to send it in to be replaced. This was the third major failure that Ive had with this laptop that required me to send it in or otherwise wipe the drive and re-load all the software.

I know most Mac users are happy with their Macs- I am KEENLY aware of this, it just happens that mine had been very sucky on a level that defies any and all description. Even up to the disk drive failure, it was crashing 2-3 times a day and the wireless card went kaput.

I got a call from “The Customer Escalations” department that my Mac would be replaced with a brand spankin new Mac Book Pro, with a bigger hard drive, faster processor, and Leopard- at no cost to me.

YAY! (I wonder if the rep read my blog entries about this? lol)

Finally I hope that I can fall in love with a Mac like most everyone I know who owns one has. 🙂