In case you havent heard, Apple has announced its new lineup, coming out this weekend. The biggest and most impressive of their announcement:

– The iPhone, yes….the one everyone was freaking out over just a few weeks ago….I dont know why this is funny to me….will only be available in one model, the 8GB…and um….yeah it will only cost $399!!! ($200 Less than the initial launch!) Wow…
– One new iPod model is called the iPod touch, it is basically an iPhone without the calling capabilities, and um…the biggest size is also $399!!! lol Hmm…interesting strategy.
-The Nano has been fattened up to allow for better video viewing.
-The iPod Classic can now hold up to 160 GB, or 40,000 songs…thats more than the hard drives of most of my computers.
– iTunes now has the ability to access and upload songs thru wi-fi….this is HUGE. Think about it, you no longer have to attach an your iPhone or iPod Touch to a cradle to download songs from iTunes.

Just goes to show what a little patience can do. I hear the second version of the iphone will be out in November….it should be well worth the wait.