First you might ask what Leeching is. Leeching is a a slang term which means to benefit without paying or offering something in return. It is most often used in descriptions involving computers and piracy. I found out recently that some piraters may attempt to do this with my videos. The videos on the school are free and I really dont mind so much about those, but videos on Jabookee are not for free. They require a subscription.

That said, if you have leeching software on your computer and you have the intention of illegally downloading videos from Jabookee, I would highly recommend NOT attempting it. I have a programmer who is installing an Anti-Leeching Script and if I understand correctly, if there is an attempt to download, the program will shut the videos off, and they will remain unaccessible, even if you paid for the subscription. If we determine that there was an attempt to steal the videos, we will cancel your subscription and there will be no refunds.

Just a heads up… 🙂