Having just moved in to my new place, I spent most of the day working on the Business Crash Course Workbook. Come 6pm, I thought- “hey, sunset is at 6:26….might as well check it out.” I literally live less than a quarter mile from the beach and if I was walking directly it would take about 2-3 minutes, but following the roads it takes a whopping 5.

This shot is different than the others I recently posted in that today I did have my Cokin Grad Filter, I really like the .9 ND Grad filter the most, but I can see that I will start playing around with other colors.

There were some very minor tweaks in PS, mostly contrast and then an “Orange Peel” lollipop. The grad filter brings the exposure of the sky down and it makes it easy to get one nice exposure. I recently have become very intrigued with creating post-card type images and I am feeling I have much to learn. This is something I want to get really good at, and it means checking lots of locations and really understanding Maui, which I am absolutely fine with. I feel really lucky to be here.