Found this app yesterday, its absolutely PERFECT for anyone trying to lose weight. Includes complete nutritional and dietary references, synched up with a calorie calculator. You tell it where you are, then where you want to be (weight wise and when) and it calculates the amount of calories you can eat per day, it also computes exercise and….ITS FREE!


Im down to 236 right now which is about my ideal weight, but Im going to to stick with it for another 2 weeks, probably until the 7D is wrapped. My days are pretty structured, wake up, workout, work all day, workout a 2nd time and then work until I crash. I catch an occasional movie, I seriously need to do a better job of relaxing a little more, so my good friend Thad sent me my Xbox from Alabama. Haven’t played that thing for a year and a half. Picked up Call of Duty 2, Modern Warfare last night. 🙂