I have to help give a big shout out and welcome to “Annie Red” on Youtube. Many of you will obviously recognize Annie from many of my Crash Course DVDs and test comparison shoots. Annie is a super hard worker (one of the hardest I know on Maui), constantly juggling many different jobs to make end meet . For nearly all of the time Ive known her, she was working as a waitress till 3am every Friday and Saturday night.

Annie is very down to earth and sweet. She has also been working out very hard for the last 2 months as part of a fitness competition, and with that has gotten many questions about her exercises and routines, and therefore decided to put together some Youtube videos. She did all the lessons, shooting, Canon T4i , & editing on her own.

I think it is probably safe to say that most of you will have very little interest in watching someone on Maui workout, but if you are looking for some quick exercises or get some good vibe, positive energy, I think you will find it worth watching. Annie just launched her channel tonight, so as far as I know has very, very few followers.

Good work Annie!