This is a little bit hard for me to judge objectively because I know one of the producers, Christa Campbell whom I went to high school with. I am always biased towards films that I know people worked in or on. Chirsta has had an impressive career recently with producing films, and I will always support her movies. Something Christa does well is she is constantly in the game and constantly creating profitable films – something that is not very easy to do. She started from very humble beginnings, it is probably one of the biggest success stories as far as producers go today in Hollywood n my opinion.

I enjoyed the movie- it’s the best action film in theaters right now, I thought some of the action scenes particularly the first attack on the president was spectacular, because it is the first film but that I’ve seen that defines a threat that I am not sure has been addressed. I will try not to ruin it. I only found one small lull about one third in the movie, but this is completely forgivable.

If you do not see in theaters, this is a not to miss rental. I think you would enjoy it if you’re into the previous “has fallen” series or hard-core 80s action films.

Christa’s next film is Rambo Last Blood. DO NOT MISS IT!!