I had my very first snow shoot yesterday right after Maria and Braxton’s shoot. It was different for me as a photographer because of all the light bouncing up from the ground. It was such a fun shoot though because Amy, Jeff, BJ, Oryan, Mekele, and Kilynne were all ready to play. (Sorry if I misspelled your names!)

I have been experimenting with jumping and running pictures- I love how even Kilynne, the youngest was jumping- Cool!I loved this dog- Ally- She was SO adorable, This is next one is one of my favorites of the shoot. We decided to have a race and I gave the little man a head start. You can see the excitment in his smile because he knows he is going to win. 🙂Let’s not forget Tipper! (Yes….two dogs, Ally and Tipper)One of my favorite jumping shots of the day. Thank you Amy and Family for such a fun shoot! I love it when everyone comes ready to play!

I will be in Utah for a few more days. Two more shoots scheduled, if anyone else would like them, now would be the time to book. 🙂