Saw American Sniper tonight. It was pretty good and would recommend either seeing it or reading the book (which I thought was much better). Bradley Cooper did an absolutely amazing job, his best performance. Just mind blowing incredible, complete transformation. There were times I somewhat forgot Bradley Cooper was acting and I just subconsciously thought I was watching Chris Kyle, he was that good.
There was something missing I can’t put my finger on, not a deal breaker, but it felt more like a motion picture biography than a movie. Lone Survivor was very different. You could put yourself in their shoes and somewhat feel what they were feeling and the situation they were in. I was on the edge of my seat for that.
In the movie, I think that I had a hard time connecting with Chris Kyle as a person because I didn’t feel his pain. Not sure why not because is was there, but I couldn’t feel him suffering perhaps.
The difference between good movies from great movies: “this happened” vs “actually feel this”. The great movies emotionally connect us with the characters and feel what they feel. Reading the book, I felt like I knew Chris Kyle personally (probably because he wrote it), I didn’t get that same vibe from the movie. His story is absolutely incredible as it was tragic, a true hero who saved a lot of our guys in Iraq, and he deserves the respect.
Im 100% all for true life movies about the sacrifices of our veterans and as Hollywood keeps making them I will continue to watch and support them. Definitely see it in theaters if you can, but if you want to know the man, read his book! (His second Book “American Gun” was also excellent. )