Whenever I have been working out really hard, especially when doing lots of cardio, I find that I perform better when NOT drinking regular ol cow milk. I don’t get sick or anything when I do, Ive just found that I feel better and don’t seem to get tired as quickly, but I still love me a good bowl of cereal for breakfast every now and then, switching it up with Oatmeal.

A couple months ago, I started trying all kinds of alternatives. Soy Milk, Rice Milk and now Almond milk.

The soy milk had the highest protein per serving at 8gr, but I had a number of friends talk me out of it for all kinds of reasons, which I now believe.

Rice Milk was quite tasty, but at 120 calories and no protein, it was worse off for you nutritionally than regular cow milk.

Almond Milk however, has just 40 calories per serving, and I this is what I have been using in my cereal these days. A word of caution: Almond Milk tastes straight up like chalk water the first few times. I seriously thought I was going to be sick, but after sticking it out, I will say that it an acquired taste and quite good.

Almond milk is also more expensive, so thats something to consider, but if you are on a diet and want to easily shave off 50-80 calories per bowl of cereal, this is a pretty painless way to do it. Over the long run, those few calories add up and over a period of one month, it could save you up to 2400 calories (about a half pound of fat) instead of plain ol 2% cow milk.