This is Hilarious, I got an email from a complete stranger named Amie Himes this afternoon.

“I looked over your website — very cluttered by the way — and can find nothing of value. Why do you spend so much of your time promoting YOURSELF? You are, at best, a mediocre photographer. The images from Haiti are lifeless and look like they were made by an aide worker. Your wedding work is lacking ‘moments’, good composition and are way too affected with post processing crap.”

That’s the entirety of the email- no questions, just your typical, basic hate email. Did a quick search on the internet and found his/her info on Linked in. Looks like he/she, lives in Washington DC Metro Area and works in “media”. Interestingly…the creator of the knock off App also lives in the Washington DC Metro Area and works in media.

I’m sure its just a coincidence!

I love hate emails! Please keep them coming!