Alright ladies and gentlemen, here it is!

We got the final ok from the disk company today, and my newest DVD, Advanced Photography Technique is now in production. As an incentive, all those who pre-order will receive a FREE copy of my SKY CAM Adapter PDF guide (a $35 Value) which will be sent out the same day the disks arrive at our shipping department. I am told the DVDs will arrive on or before August 3rd, so if you want the Sky Cam PDF, be sure to order well in advance because the evening the disks arrive, the offer ends (and they could arrive several days earlier than expected). All those who Pre-Order will have their DVDs sent first, and if possible the same day we get them. All others will have to wait until the rest are inventoried and stored.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me, I really, REALLY appreciate it. While I have mentioned it before, it’s almost a daily occurrence now to get some type of attack from someone I don’t even know. I’m not complaining about it, because I think it just comes with the territory of what I am trying to do with my DVDs and products, but its like everyday someone wants to send me a nasty email, take advantage of me business wise or freak out over the smallest things. There are so many outrageous stories I wish I could share, but I am not really sure it would help anything, so I don’t.

I am saying this now because I recognize that for the most part, these people are in the HUGE minority and I have so many of you out there that supports what I am trying to do and I want you to know that when I talk about these negative experiences, it doesn’t mean I do not recognize the overwhelming positive support. At least once a day I think about how lucky I am to have supporters like you (yes YOU) and think “man, if it wasn’t for (insert name here) I would probably be stuck in a lab somewhere doing genetics research”. And yes, I do think about individual supporters, as well as in general. Just wonder if I am expressing it enough, so that’s what this is all about. I really do appreciate it.

A few notes about the Advanced Photography Techniques DVD:

1. It almost didn’t happen and there were several times I thought “I’m not sure if this is a product people are going to want”, but there were enough of you out there when you heard of it encouraged me to continue and invest my time and resources into it. I’m pretty sure it wouldnt have happened without that support.

2. I think it is pretty safe to see this DVD as a 4 hour “techniques and tips” workshop. I put on 25 different workshops last year, and they were all day events, they were expensive (about $300/day) and many of you were not able to attend. This is a good way to get the pure shooting tips and tricks from the workshops. Having said that, there was definitely more information from the workshops, but it had more to do with Business and Lighting Type things that will be covered in future DVDs. For those of you who did attend the workshops, you will recognize many of the lessons on the DVD, however, I have added several never-before-seen lessons, which I know you will enjoy as well.

3. I’m anxious to hear your feedback. This is really the first DVD I have made that was based on experience and practice instead of a “product” how to. (Like a camera or speedlite DVD for example). I think part of my hesitation for making was because most of this just came from practice and experience and some people may not like it. I feel good about it now and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be selling it because I want you guys to be happy with it too.

4. The DVD can absolutely be watched in one sitting, but I would recommend watching AND practicing what you are learning. Of all the DVDs I’ve made, it’s probably one of the more interesting ones. The Camera ones are good, but that menu section isnt really made to be watched all the way through.

5. And lastly, YES, I can actually adjust my camera settings as fast as the intro and outro quizes test you on. The reason these are on there, is to prove the definitive point of not only why it is so important, but to show you where you stand, and that you should be comfortable enough to do the same, its mostly a matter of familiarity. Its a very important lesson.

Looking forward to hearing what you guys think! Thanks again so much for your support – you guys are AWESOME!

Advanced Photography Techniques DVD – PRE-ORDER SPECIAL