Today we finished reviewing the Advanced Photography Techniques DVD. I feel really good about this because it’s been in the works since last summer when I was on my road trip, and several lessons are filmed in front of many cool landmarks. The DVD runs about 3 Hours and 40 Minutes long. It deals with many of the same shooting techniques and tips I shared at the workshops last year, and I have also added several additional bonus lessons. I believe the most valuable part is the end where I take viewers out on a shoot and show them how to scout a location, and I then show them what I am doing and thinking during a shoot. I also share the list of 10 and Photography Judo in great detail.

We are just waiting on the final green light from our disk manufacturing company – they test for “playability and compatibility issues” and we expect this to happen next Wednesday or Thursday. As soon as we get the green light, pre-orders will be available. I expect the price of the DVD to be about $35 plus shipping, essentially the same cost as a camera DVD.

Because one lesson covers the Sky Cam, I am going to make an unprecedented offer: All customers who pre-order will receive a free down-loadable copy of the “Sky Cam Adapter” instructions which I also sell on the store for $35, so essentially, you are getting this free. I will leave this offer available right up until the day we ship, and at that time we will send out the downloads.

Here is the main lesson structure of the DVD (many chapters have many lessons within each):

-Camera Settings Speed Quiz – Part One (Test yourself to see how fast you really are with your camera!)
-Monitor Calibration
-5 Ways to be more Creative
-Auto Exposure Bracketing
-Tack Sharp- Getting Sharper Images in Camera
-The Parallelity Problem
-Picture Style Settings and Tips
-50mm Lens Comparison
-Painting with Light (Multiple Lessons)
-Pop A Flash – Basic and Advanced
-The Wiggle
-The Steady Hand
-Michael’s Secret Handheld Long Exposure Technique
-Camera Strap Tips
-Landscape Basics
-Light and Dark- The Limits of Dynamic Range
-Graduated Filters
-How To Shoot Fireworks
-Macro Lessons
-Artist vs Photographer
-Let Them Play
-JPEG Myths
-Cropping to Recompose
-Cropping to Resize
-8 x 10 Dilemma
-Painting with Dark
-Lens Distortion
-Pinhole Photogrpahy
-Self Critique
-Tilt Shift Lenses
-Star Trail Photography
-Texture Overlays in Photoshop
-Sky Cam Tips and Tricks
-Stop and Go Series (Multiple Lessons)
-Cleaning Your View Finder
-Shooting in Manual
-2 Hand Technique
-Shooting into Sunlight
-Photography Judo
-The List of 10
-Scouting a Location
-Shooting with Michael
-Camera Settings Speed Quiz Part 2

Next up is the Business Photography Crash Course (August 2010 Release), Wedding Photography CC, and Photography Lighting CC will follow.