A good friend sent tipped me off to Adele Enersen the other day and I am incredibly impressed. This is some very serious creative talent, and she has many, many more images. I think most of this hit the internet last year, but wow! Such an awesome idea- so different and unusual. Really gets you thinking.

Adele lives in Finland, and everyday when her daughter Mila would take a nap, she would design different scenes using clothing, fabrics, or anything she could find to make the scene work. I am SO very impressed with this concept. She writes on her blog that she has a book coming out in 2012- I will probably buy it. I love people who think outside the box and this is about outside the box as you can get.

There are two places you will definitely want to check out:

Adele’s Blog (Click Here) and her Facebook Page (Click Here).

I was also able to find up this very cool interview with her as well:

Adele’s Blog (Click Here)
Facebook Page (Click Here)