I thought it was very well done and highly recommend to it see in theaters. Some of the most gritty and realistic battle scenes I’ve ever seen in any action movie. I enjoyed how it displayed some of the mindset, tactics, weapons and especially brotherhood of the Seals.

Excellent cinematography- the fact that the bulk of it was shot with the 5Dii and 7D is a complete accomplishment. True in some places there are little glitches or whatever, but DANG – they did a great job. I hope they make more of these types of movies. The acting on the part of the Seals was a little rough, but it was forgivable.

It is important to recognize the sacrifices of the men and women serving our country. I am deeply appreciative to them and think this film is a service to them. I couldn’t help but notice a certain date near the end of the movie (I wont spoil it, but one of the dates posted is significant to me personally).