This may come as a surprise, but there is a new DVD Adam and I have been working on.

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine purchased a DSLR and kept on sending me text messages about what accessories he should get. This always seems to happen to me whenever a friend buys a new DSLR and he suggested:

“You really should make an introduction DVD on accessories for beginners. What are the must have items, terminology, basic camera care, bags, etc, where to purchase, what to watch out for.”

The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced this was a worth while project, so Adam and I have been shooting this between book writing and the Lighting DVD (Which is coming together VERY nicely). It should be just under 2 hours and will probably retail for about $19-20. Downloads should be available at the end of the month. It is different than my other videos because it isnt very technical, its more informative as a show, tell, and demonstrate what the accessory is and does.

Are there any topics you guys think would be worth covering on this accessories DVD?

Here are just some of the Lessons and Topics:

– To Kit Lens or Not to Kit Lens
– Where to buy and what to avoid
– Memory Cards & Speeds
– Straps
– Lens Discussion, Crash Course, Tradeoffs and Top recommendations for types of shooting (not just weddings or portraits).
– Light Reflectors
– Grey Cards and White Balance
– Filters Galore
– Camera Flash Units
– Alien Bees and Studio Lighting
– Brackets and Flash Cords
– Remotes
– Cleaning Kits
– Lens Wraps
– Tripods
– Heads
– Monopods
– Unique Support Devices
– Extension Tubes
– Extenders
– External Hard Drives and Storage
– Bags
– Batteries
– Basic Camera Care
– Cleaning Sensors & Lenses
– Video Accessories, including Microphones, splitters,
– Video Lighting Equipment

Is there anything I am missing? What would you have liked to have known the first time you bought a camera as far as accessories go?