Its been a busy couple of weeks, but I was finally able to figure out how to “hack-around” the Sony a7s to get full 4K HDMI recorded. It was not easy and there are still a lot of problems getting the footage, but suffice it to say the A7s 4K is simply stunning.

I was also able to figure out how to get 10 Bit 4K video out of the Panasonic GH4, which is also impressive, but I can see more artifacts and noise with higher ISOs.

A HUGE thank you to B&H Photo for sponsoring the tests and comparisons I have coming shortly.

This test was done at an ISO of 800, and you will see many mistakes I made but it should still give you a ballpark idea of how the two compare.

We have also already completed the beginners training course for the GH4: GH4 Crash Course Tutorial Training Video

We hope to have the A7s Tutorial Training DVD done by the end of August.