I was talking the other day with a friend about how some photographers are willing to share, offer suggestions and help, and others, for whatever reason, are not willing to. Maybe they feel threatened, or are insecure. I really, really believe, that it is SO important to share what you know, EVERYTHING, not just for the benefit of others, but for your own growth as well.

I promise you, no matter how good a photographer is, they can always get better and learn. If you are learning photography, find photographers who are not only willing to share, but believe they are still learning. As you get better, remember, you have so much to learn, and the more your share, the more you learn.

Take this for what it is worth:

– White subjects are white because they reflect all of the light that hits them.

– Black subjects are black because they don’t reflect any light, they only absorb light.

– Grey subjects are grey because they absorb some light, and reflect the rest of the wavelengths in equal amounts.

– Colors absorb all light except for specific wave lengths. In the case of grass, pigments absorb all wavelengths of light except for green, which is essentially useless to most plants, therefore plants are green because its the only color they cant use, and therefore reflect it.

A white poster board can be used to bounce light on a subject and illuminate it.
A Black poster board can be used to remove light from a subject, and darken it.