Lets say a family man is working 40 hours a week at his job. He commutes about an hour each day in both directions which puts his weekly work time at about 50 hours a week. His wife is at home with three children, which as we all know require a huge amount of work. Little Joey just started kindergarten, but mom is pretty much famished every day when Dad comes home at 6pm.

Because he is a good husband, Dad does his best to help with the children, cleaning of the home or any other chores his wife might need. Mom likes to get out of the house twice a week, and Dad is happy to watch the kids. Friday night is date night and both either catch dinner or a movie together. They have been living according to this routine for the last 5 years and eveyone seems to be happy.

Suddenly Dad becomes completely sick of working 50 hours a week, and through his ingenuity starts a new business that only requires him to work 1 hour per week. He even makes 10%-15% more than he did at his old job, which is more than enough for him to start two new hobbies….GOLF and GOLF.

Daddy golfs all day everyday M-F with the exception of working his one hour a week. Nothing else in the schedule changes…he comes home at 6pm on the money, helps clean up, watch the kids, have date nights etc.

Unfortunately, his wife resents all the time he is now spending on the golf course…understandibly so….while she is stuck at home with the three ankle-biters.

She says “Honey I just wish that with all the free time you now have you could help me more….”

He says “Honey when I was working 50 hours a week at XYZ company I never had time for myself, I figured out a way for us to make more money, and nothing in the schedule has changed otherwise. Would it be any different for you if I went back to my old job and instead of doing something I love and spend that time in a cubicle?”

Which is right? Please explain your reasoning.

If we have more than 5 comments on this, I will tell you what I think…lol 😉