Google is a massive company most widely known for their search engine. With 40,000 search requests per second Google has a lot of information to process. This isn’t made possible by magic as it seems. This requires actually machinery, hardware, and computers housed in gigantic warehouses. Sometimes these are referred to as server farms. Google calls it a data center.

Joe Kava VP of Google’s Data Center Operations talks about the work and people behind these data centers. They currently have 8 of them mostly in the US. Here are the locations:

Berkeley County. – South Carolina, United States.
Council Bluffs. – Iowa, United States.
The Dalles. – Oregon, United States.
Douglas County. – Georgia, United States.
Hamina. – Finland, Europe.
Lenoir. – North Carolina, United States.
Mayes County. – Oklahoma, United States.
St Ghislain. – Belgium, Europe

The video states that a very small percentage of Google employees work in their dada centers or are even authorized to enter. The sheer scale of these places are mind boggling. If you’re interested to see what makes those trillions of searches per year possible check out the video.

via Fstoppers