You may not be familiar with the name Emmanuel Lubezki but I’m certain you’ve heard the movies he’s shot; The Tree of Life, Gravity, Birdman, and The Revenant (to name a few). He’s even done some less critically acclaimed but equally popular movies like Sleepy Hollow, Great Expectations, and Meet Joe Black.

Some argue that his style is so original and recognizable that he should have the title of an auteur. His passion for long shots and natural light make the beauty of his work stand out – even in Hollywood. His choices in angles and perspective create intimacy and understanding with the viewer. In essence – there’s nobody like him and he’s definitely one of the best.

The creator of this video, FilmInTheMaking, walks us through some of his work and adds very thoughtful commentary. If you haven’t seen any of Emmanuel Lubezki’s work you may want to after watching this.

via IndieWire