Im very short on time as I need to start heading down to Miami for tomorrow’s workshop, but wanted to say thank you so much to our 5 Tampa attendees, Omar, Priscilla, Scott, Joe and Anthony. What an AMAZING, wonderful, time we had together. I learned so much about you all, myself and photography. I have several notes I made to help make new videos including the extremely cool Macro Technique we stumbled upon (Wonderfully Bizarre!)- Ive never heard or seen anything like it.

I also wanted to express to you my appreciation in helping me screen the 580 Speedlite Crash Course DVD, your input and feedback was absolutely critical to making this an even more outstanding product. I sincerely hope we meet again! 🙂

Right after I post this, I will finish packing and start heading down to Miami, but once I get checked in will start working on the amazing slide show of the Tampa workshop. If any of you attendees have any pictures you think would be nice to include please email them to me and I will add them. Should be awesome!