Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography  by Nick Page

Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography by Nick Page

Photographer Nick Page has a new course teaching Photoshop for landscape photography.

Here are some of the topics covered:

Covered in this course

  • Setting up photoshop
  • Round tripping between Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Setting up and saving a workspace
  • Utilizing Smart objects
  • Using Adjustment Layers
  • Using Layer Masks
  • Using Pixel Layers
  • Using Luminosity Masks
  • Using Luminosity Selections
  • Cleaning up images
  • Exposure Blending
  • Focus Stacking
  • Dual Processing
  • and much much more.

See a preview of the course HERE

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mutant Mayhem

Ive been a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since the time they were first released in comic books (I had some of the very early ones) and had some high hopes for this one.

First let me say, the animation was really incredible and well done. I think with the new animated full length movies like the 2 Spiderverse films, are really setting up a new genre. Hats off to the animators and director on this. Just wow.

That said, I could not stay awake during the film. This is a bad sign about the storyline and plot. I know it has high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes right now, but any movie that I give a fair chance to and am asleep within 10 minutes, is not a “must see” in theaters. This process of waking up, trying to get back into it and falling back asleep happened several times.

This is one you are going to want to skip.

Universal Principles of Design

I know I haven’t posted much in a while. I’ve been traveling, Turkey for a water project with Water Mission, Dubai for training with the WFP and Logistics Cluster and then to Eswatini with the Luke Commission. In the few weeks that I have been back I have been preparing for Wave 2 of MAVEN filters. We have over 15 new designs in the works.

Strangely, I am not a designer by education, it is something I have just found myself curious about with 3D printing and it grew from there. Probably one of the most influential books on my design philosophies is Universal Principles of Design. They just released an updated version and it is GLORIOUS if you have any curiosity in design. It was fun to make notes of all the principles incorporated into MAVEN filters. If you are part nerd, this book is Highly Recommended.


As you have probably noticed we have had a lot of changes happening on the blog. Long story short, we were formerly running on Cold Fusion (outdated and soon to be totally obsolete) so we had to take some time to make the transition, hence a lot fewer posts.

Saw Oppenheimer tonight. Nolan is a truly a master. Very deep understanding of people and a rich, immersive experience. While it was entertaining, Im not sure I would categorize it as only entertainment. It felt much more like a 2 part, deep history lesson, similar to a Brilliant Mind but more about the flaws and challenges Oppenheimer faced. There was so much of human nature in this film that we don’t get from other movies, this should be reason alone to see it. As always with Nolan films, it really has me thinking and thats always a sign of a strong movie worth seeing in theaters.

Canon R8 FreeCanon R8 Tutorial Training Video Overview Users Guide Set Up – Made for Beginners

If you would be interested in me making a Canon R8 Crash Course, leave a comment in the comment section:

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:03:15 – Camera Setup
00:10:25 – External Buttons
00:19:22 – Symbols and Icons
00:25:50 – Quick Menu

00:45:14 – ISO
00:46:55 – Shooting Modes / Exposure Control
01:07:06 – Bulb Mode

01:11:47 – Video Exposure Settings Set Up
01:13:07 – Stills Focusing Modes
01:13:24 – How: Shutter Button
01:14:22 – When: Focusing Modes
01:17:19 – Where: Focus Clusters
01:22:33 – Touch and Drag AF
01:23:41 – Directional Pad To Move Focus Box
01:25:17 – Manual Focus
01:25:56 – Manual Peaking Focus
01:27:11 – Auto Focus Tracking
01:29:06 – Eye and Face Detection
01:29:41 – Animal Tracking
01:30:51 – Custom Eye Detection Setup
01:31:41 – Back Button Focusing
01:33:23 – Video Focusing

01:37:43 – White Balance
01:41:19 – Metering Modes

01:43:29 – Michael’s Recommendations

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