Long-Term Review of Maven Magnetic Filters by Alex Armitage

Alex Armitage reviewing the Maven Filters Magnetic System

Long-Term Review of Maven Magnetic Filters by Alex Armitage

Photographer Alex Armitage offers an in-depth review of the Maven Magnetic Filter System after a year of extensive use. According to Armitage, these filters are “the best filter system on the market.” Notably, the strong and reliable magnets, along with a unique color-coded design, make the filters easy to identify and use. Armitage notes, “The image quality is exceptional, with minimal color cast and durable glass.” Additionally, he praises Maven’s outstanding customer service and the filters’ durability, stating that they “maintain their performance and quality even under harsh conditions.”

Key Features of Maven Magnetic Filters

Armitage highlights several key features of the Maven Magnetic Filters:

Strong Magnets: Ensuring the filters stay securely in place.

Color-Coded Design: Facilitating easy identification and quick swapping.

Minimal Color Cast: Providing high image quality without compromising colors.

Durability: Withstanding tough environmental conditions while maintaining performance.

Therefore, these features make the Maven Magnetic Filters an excellent choice for landscape photographers. Consequently, Armitage concludes that this system offers unmatched convenience and reliability, making it a valuable addition to any photographer’s toolkit.

Practical Usage Insights

Furthermore, Armitage provides practical insights into how these filters perform in real-world scenarios. Specifically, he mentions that the filters are particularly useful in situations requiring quick changes, such as when lighting conditions shift rapidly. “The magnetic attachment system allows for fast and secure changes, which is invaluable in the field,” he explains. This is a significant advantage for landscape photographers who often deal with changing weather and lighting.

Comparison with Other Systems

Moreover, in comparison to other filter systems, Armitage finds the Maven Magnetic Filters superior in several aspects. He states, “Other systems I have used often suffer from weak magnets or cumbersome designs that slow down the process.” Thus, the Maven system’s user-friendly design and robust construction set it apart from its competitors.

Customer Service and Support

Additionally, another highlight of Armitage’s review is the excellent customer service provided by Maven. He shares an experience where he needed assistance with a filter issue, and the response was prompt and helpful. “The support team at Maven was quick to address my concerns and provided a replacement filter without any hassle,” Armitage recalls. This level of support adds significant value to the product.

Versatility and Compatibility

Another noteworthy aspect is the filter system’s compatibility with various lenses. Armitage notes, “The filters fit perfectly on all my lenses, from wide-angle to telephoto, ensuring versatility across different types of photography.” This flexibility is crucial for photographers who use multiple lenses and need a consistent filter solution.


Overall, Alex Armitage’s review paints a comprehensive picture of the Maven Magnetic Filter System as a top choice for photographers seeking quality, convenience, and reliability. With strong magnets, a color-coded design, minimal color cast, and exceptional durability, these filters are a worthwhile investment for any serious photographer. Consequently, the outstanding customer service further enhances the appeal of the Maven Magnetic Filters, making them a standout option in the market.

Read the full review here.

Introducing the New 4ND Grad Filter – Limited Time Offer!

Introducing the New 4ND Grad Filter – Limited Time Offer!

Hello MAVEN Legend!

Maven 4ND 1/2 Gradient Filter

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our Wave 2 campaign – the highly anticipated 4ND Grad filter! Due to popular demand, we’re launching a limited run of this filter with a special offer of 50% off for a limited time. These will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t miss out!

Maven Filters 3ND and 4ND 1/2 Gradient FiltersWhat’s New with the 4ND Grad Filter?

Our 4ND Grad filter features a unique design update from the 3ND Grad series. The two notches, indicating a ½ fill, are spaced further apart and are colored “PINK” for easy identification, similar to our regular 4 Stop ND filter. This design provides both a tactile and visual way to recognize the filter you’re using.

How to Secure Your 4ND Grad Filter:

  • Limited Stock: We currently have 10 units each of the 82mm and 77mm ½ Grad filters in our warehouse. These initial units come in basic packaging (a box and a bar code) and will ship within 1 business day until sold out.
  • Backorder Guarantee: If we sell out of our in-stock items, MAVEN guarantees to fulfill any orders placed between today and May 30th as backorders.
  • Production Timeline: Our manufacturing team can produce a few dozen more filters within the next 2 weeks. Orders beyond that will have a 5-6 week wait time. Rest assured, you can request a refund if you change your mind, so there’s no risk in taking advantage of this offer.

Click To Order 4ND 1/2 Gradient Filter

How Backorders Work:

To ensure our customers get the products they want, we’re testing a new backorder process. Here’s how it works:

  • Priority Shipping: Orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. The sooner you order, the higher your priority.
  • Combined Shipping: If your order includes multiple items, our warehouse will hold the order until everything is in stock to avoid duplicate shipping costs, especially for international customers.
  • Split Orders: If you prefer split shipping, just reach out to us and we’ll make arrangements. Otherwise, we’ll ship your complete order once all items are available.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best wishes,


Exploring the Maven Wave 2 Filters: Insights from Photographer Richard Herzog

For our WAVE 2 Filters campaing on Kickstarter that recently finished, Landscape and Photographer Richard Herzog help test and provide example images that he took with the new Maven IR720 Filter.

Richard just release a fantastic video showcasing all of the new WAVE 2 filters that will be available on www.mavenfilters.com around the end of May 2024.

Richard’s website: https://www.richardherzog.com

What are Dark Circular Polarizers?

CPL ND Filter

Maven Filters has introduced a specialized magnetic filter that combines a Neutral Density (ND) and Circular Polarizer (CPL), creating a Dark CPL ND Filter unit. With its properties of a CPL, harsh reflections are reduced while color saturation can be enhanced as well as also remove glare as a normal polarizer can. The CPL is blue because it brings out the true blues in the sky, adding depth and drama to your landscape shots. The design of pre-existing ND Filter rings is combined with the original CPL ring, making them into a unique and identifiable language. This dual-action filter synchronously lets you tackle varying lighting conditions with ND properties, resulting in well-balanced shots. One major advantage of this is combining both an ND and CPL into a single filter, resulting in superior vignetting performance on very wide angle focal lengths, like 16mm or wider.

CPL ND Filter

The CPL ND Filter unit reduces harsh light, bringing out clarity and depth to ensure every detail stands out with exceptional vibrancy. This is clearly seen as you simply attach the filter to your Magnetic Adapter Ring, and rotate it until you reach the desired amount of polarization. Maven Filters offer a range of Dark CPL’s from a Dark 3ND, 6ND, and 10ND. 

There are many uses that you can get with using a Dark CPL Filter. They allow you to use a wider aperture in bright condition and long exposures to blur motion. Many videographers have fixed ISO settings and limited shutter-speed options. A filter that gives you precise control over your imagery will have specialized filtration for stunning colors. Polarization overall enriches the colors in your landscape photographs. 

Our sleek design effectively eliminates the worry of vignetting, especially when stacking filters. Capture pristine shots without the persistent darkening of corners which commonly occurs with wide-angle lenses.

Check out this Filters Guide about Polarizing Filters, Neutral Density Filters. For more creative photography, read more on Maven Specialty Filters!

Special Note on Maven Filters

Maven Filters are made with AGC Japanese optical glass, 16 layers of MRC coatings, and hydrophobic nano resistance. Maven Polarizers use a color free film and our Neutral Density Filters are visually color neutral. The design has distinct grooves on the aluminum ring and are color-coded for easy identification and efficiency. MAVEN is the only filter company that takes a strict approach to convenience as a feature. This color coded language behind MAVEN filters is patent pending. The magnetic and color-neutral properties, ensure seamless integration and effortless usability for photographers of all levels. 

Let your photos speak volumes with brilliant clarity with our advanced filter technology.

Maven Specialty Filters

Maven Specialty Filters

There have been many exciting and legendary filters designed since Maven Filters first launch in early 2023. While there is a specialty factor in all Maven Filters, there are filters that can go beyond polarizing and reducing light intake. While those tend to be more familiar, some are not, such as an Infrared Filter or Bahtinov Mask. These unique filters are photography tools made for creativity and efficiency. Let’s jump into these Maven Specialty Filters to find out what they are, what they do and how they can benefit your shooting needs.

Astrophotography Filters:

Night Sky Filter

Your nighttime photography is enhanced with the Maven Night Filter. This filter eliminates yellow to orangish color cast (this is why this filter is yellow) caused by artificial light sources like street lamps. Artificial light sources flood the sky in big cities, making it difficult to have a clear night sky that is true to life. The MAVEN Night Sky filter cuts down on artificial light pollution to achieve clearer and more captivating nightscapes. Furthermore, subjects will stand out against the backdrop of the night sky with this enhanced clarity. 

Night shots appear more natural and true to life when color cast made by artificial light sources is minimized. Elevate your nighttime photography with the Maven Night Filter, ensuring your images are free from unwanted color cast and full of captivating clarity. Say goodbye to night skies that are destroyed by city lights. See your city’s night sky in a new way you haven’t seen before!

Starry Focus Filter

Focusing on stars often is a struggle for many. The Maven Focus on Stars Filter (AKA Starry Focus) is also known as a Bahtinov Mask. This astrophotography focusing aid simplifies focusing on stars, ensuring sharp, detailed images. With its easy-to-use design, you can quickly attach the filter, manually focus using the clear star indicators, and then remove it to capture the beauty of the night sky. 

Undoubtedly this filter is perfect for both beginners and seasoned astrophotographers. Enjoy more time shooting and significantly less time getting your focus dialed in. It’s compact and tough build, as well as its all White color makes it a highly reliable, easy to access tool for any night shoot.

Infrared Photography:

The IR720 filter is designed to open up a whole new dimension in photography by exploring the fascinating realm of Infrared. The intricacies of this invisible spectrum elevates your photographic experience with infrared photography filters. 

Understanding the Invisible Spectrum:

The visible spectrum human eyes perceive are wavelengths ranging from 300 to 700 nm. The Infrared Spectrum extends from 700 to 2500 nm. This realm remains unseen by the naked eye.

While most camera sensors are inherently capable of detecting infrared, the presence of “IR Cut filters” in modern cameras limits this capability, greatly reducing the amount of IR light in normal captures, resulting in mostly visible light creating the image. One approach to capture IR light, is to have a technical make an expensive and irreversible sensor conversion of a camera by removing the IR Cut filter, resulting in a dedicated IR camera.

Why Choose the MAVEN IR720 Filter?

The Maven IR720 Filter takes a different approach, one that is much more affordable and reversible. It works by changing the ratio of visible and infrared light by blocking visible light below 720 nm. This enhances the ratio of infrared light penetrating the sensor (even with an IR Cut filter, some IR light typically still gets in). This innovative approach ensures that your camera is capturing mostly infrared light, as long as the exposure time is long enough, and for this reason we recommend using a tripod.

With the Maven Infrared Filter, there are no permanent changes and no need for expensive and irreversible camera modifications. The Maven IR720 filter seamlessly attaches to your existing camera setup, preserving your equipment’s integrity. The Maven IR720 provides an accessible introduction to this mesmerizing genre, allowing photographers of all levels to delve into the unseen. This limited edition filter features a bold red sine wave for easy identification from your filter stack.

Transformative Effects of Infrared Photography:

Witness a dramatic transformation as water and glass surfaces appear dark, absorbing infrared light and revealing hidden details. Portraiture as skin tones become smoother and more uniform under the enchanting influence of infrared light. (Side Note: The Arena Scene in Dune 2 captured Infrared Light to give it a unique look and feel. While this required a dedicated IR camera, the unique & artistic aspects of IR imagery cannot be denied). New perspectives are made as your perception of the world is captured in a different light. Explore unseen textures, uncover hidden details, and add a touch of the extraordinary to your photography. Unveil the invisible and experience the transformative power of the IR720 Filter.

Cinematic Filters:

Show Glow Filters

Maven Show Glow Filters are designed meticulously to scatter bright light and create a captivating “glowing effect” while preserving image sharpness. These flashy filters reduce contrast and produce a soft glow around light sources, resulting in stunning visuals. Maven Show Glow Diffusion Filters maintain the sharpness of your images, ensuring every detail remains crisp and clear even in midst of the soft glow.

Show Glow Filters come in 3 different diffusion strengths. MAVEN introduces a world-first universal language on the rims of Show Glow Diffusion filters using small squares to indicate diffusion strength inversely. (e.g., 2 squares for 1/2 strength, 4 squares for 1/4 strength, and 8 squares for 1/8th strength). With these iconic filters, aesthetics meet functionality.

Streak Filters

Capture the essence of iconic cinema with our Streak Photography Filter! Designed to emulate the horizontal flare unique to anamorphic lens flare, this filter transforms your images and footage, giving them a rich, cinematic touch. From neon-lit streets, to car lights, light posts, and city lights, this filter adds a sprinkle of cinematic wonder and brilliance with signature blue or orange streaks that gracefully glide across the frame. Transform, play, and captivate with every click with lens flare, available in both blue and yellow colors.

While it may not replace a genuine anamorphic lens in every aspect, it brings its unique charm to the table. Moreover, it’s not just about flares. Watch as your bokeh takes on an elliptical charm, and get that million-dollar anamorphic look without the hefty price tag.

More Maven Filters:

To learn more about camera filters, check out this Filters Guide about Polarizing Filters,  Neutral Density Filters, Circular Graduated ND Filters, and Dark CPL ND Filters.

MAVEN’s innovative approach sets the stage for future advancements, ensuring each filter not only looks, but also feels distinct and caters to photographers of all skill levels.

Beginners Guide to Photography Lens Filters

Understanding Camera Filters

Lens Filters are a photography tool that can enhance your photos in real-time and reduce post production. There are many types of lens filters that range from polarizers, neutral density, variables, splash guards, special effects and even focusing tools. By the end of this article, you will be familiar with the common types of photography filters, when they are needed and how they are used. Our hope is to give you a better understanding of these tools and how they can improve your photos.

Unveiling Polarizing Filters

Polarizing Filters enhance saturation, contrast, and reduce reflections which overall enriches the colors in your landscape photographs. However, polarizing filters are also useful in portrait photography. Because the filter reduces harsh light, polarizers can give skin a soft finish. With reducing harsh light, clarity and depth are brought into your images and ensure every detail stands out with exceptional vibrancy. This is why polarizers are a staple tool for photographers. Simply attach the filter, and rotate it until you reach the desired amount of polarization. There are two types of polarizing filters, circular and linear. 

Linear Polarizers vs Circular Polarizers:

A Linear Polarizer changes light differently than a Circular Polarizer. Linear & Circular polarizers start as linear polarizers. The difference between the two is that CPLs also have something called a quarter wave plate which allows light to be transmitted in a helical shape, instead of a linearly oriented wave. It is the shape of these waves that make CPLs best for DSLRs as older cameras use a mirror box which light bounces off of and can be easily confused when light is linearly oriented. LPLs can be used without this issue on mirrorless cameras. Linear Polarizers have better film color while most Circular Polarizers have some color shift.

While Polarizing Filters enhance colors and reduce unwanted glare, Neutral Density Filters block out light coming into the camera lens. 

Exploring Neutral Density Filters

There is a wide array of ND or neutral density filters that reduce the amount of light coming into the lens. Neutral Density Filters can range from 2 stops of light to 20 stops of light. This offers precise light reduction for optimal exposure control. There are many uses that you can get with using ND Filters. They allow you to use a wider aperture in bright condition and long exposures to blur motion. Many videographers have fixed ISO settings and limited shutter-speed options. ND Filters give you precise control over your imagery and specialized filtration for stunning colors.

Ultra ND Filters:

Ultra ND Filters are crafted so they can be used in very bright light for longer daytime exposures. These filters can turn turbulent seas into misty water or cloud movement into smooth, ethereal streaks across the sky. Extended exposure times can add a cinematic, flowing motion to daytime time-lapse sequences. In bright conditions, the ND filter allows you to open your aperture wide without overexposing, isolating your subject against a pleasing, out-of-focus background. Especially in urban and architectural photography, long exposures can make transient elements like pedestrians or moving vehicles vanish from the frame, emphasizing the static elements.

Variable ND Filters:

A Variable ND Filter (or VND) has a range that reduces the amount of light and is comprised of 2 polarizers stacked on top of each other. Michael does not like to call them “VNDs” because the N stands for Neutral, and no polarizer can be completely color neutral, rather he prefers to call them “Variables”. You can create a variety of variable systems with Maven Filters when you stack a Linear Polarizer in front of any other Maven CPL filter for an extra 1.3 to 5 stops of light. This includes our Dark CPL line up, the original MAVEN CPL or even another MAVEN LPL. 

Graduated ND Filters:

Graduated ND Filters work by darkening the sky to balance it with a darker foreground. ND Grad Filters revolutionize the way you capture stunning landscapes and challenging lighting conditions. By using Graduated ND filters, you can capture it in camera and minimize the amount of editing time in front of your computer by avoiding the need to stack images.

Splash (UV) Guard Filter

A Splash UV Guard ensures the front of your lens, including its coatings remains safe from dust, dirt, grime, salt-water and the like. Ideal for harsh conditions, this filter has protective properties of a splash (UV) guard to get ultimate protection for your lens in dirty, dusty, or harsh weather conditions.

For an Adapter and Splash UV Guard all in one, check out this Maven Adapter Lens Protector. For more lens adaptation, a Splash Guard and Step Up Ring have been combined to make a Lens Protection Step-Up Ring. Lenses of various sizes will need Adapter Rings

The Maven Magnetic Filter Set

If you are not sure where to start, we suggest to Grab a Maven Magnetic Filter set that includes 3 Neutral Density Filters (in 3, 6 and 10 stops), our classic Magnetic Circular Polarizer, and a Splash UV Guard. The set also comes with a magnetic adapter ring that threads onto your lens and a magnetic front cap. For a fraction of the cost, check out Maven Threaded Neutral Density Filters

But wait, there’s more! You can get a Maven Smartphone Filter Set that includes bundle options that come with a 52mm Smartphone Adapter, 52mm-58mm Step-Up-Ring, 58mm CPL Phone Filter, and a 58mm 3ND Phone Filter. 

What are Dark Circular Polarizers?

Maven Filters has introduced a filter that combines an ND Filter and CPL, creating a Dark CPL ND Filter unit. If you are interested in learning more about it, read more on Dark Circular Polarizers here! 

Specialty Filters

Learn more about Specialty Filters that give you the ability to expand your creativity and capture special effects! Improve your Astrophotography with a Night Filter and a Focus on Star Filter. Start photographing something new with Infrared Filters!

Special Note on Maven Filters

Maven Filters are made with AGC Japanese optical glass, 16 layers of MRC coatings, and hydrophobic nano resistance. Maven Polarizers and Neutral Density Filters are magnetic and color neutral. The design has distinct grooves on the aluminum ring and are color-coded for easy identification and efficiency. The magnetic and color-neutral properties, coupled with intuitive design elements such as distinct grooves and color-coded rings, ensure seamless integration and effortless usability for photographers of all levels.

By understanding the nuances of various camera filters and leveraging their capabilities, photographers can elevate their craft, unlock new creative horizons, and capture awe-inspiring moments with unmatched precision and clarity.