Movie Friday- For me there is nothing really worth seeing in theaters this week.
I’m going to have to make a Netflix Recommendation on a Movie you have probably never heard of; this one is called “9th Company”, (was first released in 2005 in Russia), loosely based on a true story of a crazy battle between 39 Russian Paratroopers and 200-250 Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

This is the Russian equivalent of Black Hawk Down, only it explores the characters in greater depth as they slowly lose their innocence to realities of war. (It is in Russian but is subtitled).

War is an awful, terrible thing, but I am not opposed to war movies that depict realistic violence because this is what soldiers really go through and the dangers they face. I feel that movies like Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan and many others are educational because they remove a layer of our ignorance to what war is really all about, the sacrifices paid, and the price of freedom. If anything I feel greater gratitude and debt to our brave soldiers who put their lives on the line, day in and day out.