Good morning everyone! Michael the Maven here! Today I wanted to give you my lists of the summary of the 5 things you should constantly be measuring if you want to be a highly efficient person. In no particular order:

How time is spent and where your time goes. When we looked at the gap management par, that’s probably the first and most important tools when somebody is looking to streamline just to figure out where is your time going.

Money. You should be able to keep track of where the bulk of your money goes and how you’re spending it. Some of us don’t even know how much money we spent for food, clothing or things of that nature. If you really want to be efficient, you have to understand to where your resources, time and money are gone.

Take a constant look at your workflow. Even for someone like me, whose efficiency is doing certain things for a long time, I still find ways to improve things like the number of transitional spaces. How fast something happens. The number of steps involved  to complete an essential task. What can I do to automate?

Opportunities. I like to measure this in terms of knowns versus unknowns. This has been talked about a lot of times in the book.

Thought sizes. When you’re having small thoughts, big thoughts. You should be constantly aware of how big your thoughts are.

Those are the five things that you should constantly be measuring. Where your time is going, where your money is going, your workflow for repeating systems, the opportunities that come in your lap, and the size of your thoughts every single day.

Thank you guys for listening! Have a great day today! And I will see you next time!