I’ve finally started getting around to catching up on all the movies I’ve missed this last 6 weeks, I had high hopes for 47 Ronin…47 Ronin has a dismal rating by critics, and I can understand why. This movie suffers from an identity crisis, it doesn’t know who it is, or what exactly it is trying to convey.

Part of the problem is that it is (very) based loosely on an absolutely true story (the 47 Ronin are buried in Tokyo and you can visit their final resting place), but the filmmakers took huge creative advantage and started throwing in all kinds of stuff that just ruined it, including mythical beasts, demons, shape shifters, Keanu Reeves’ character as an outcast, a romantic theme, I mean, it was all over the place.

That said if you like Keanu Reeves movies, (like I do) it wasn’t all that bad and was a fun movie to get away to. A definite DVD rental.