I love shark movies, its just sad that most of them are not done well.

47 Meters (or 154 Feet for those of us who dive in the States) is far beyond what is recommended for recreational diving. The biggest problem with the film, is that it seemed like two different writers contributed, one who knew tons about diving, and the other who didn’t know anything, that those two authors didn’t communicate with each other and the one who didn’t know anything seemed to write most of it.

At 105 feet, the deepest I have personally dived, I had about 5-10 minutes of “bottom time”. At 154 feet, I would have virtually no time at all and would need to start resurfacing immediately if I wanted to live (the deeper you dive, the faster you go through your air).

If you can mentally look past this HUGE error in accuracy, this is actually a very fun movie and I would definitely recommend seeing it in theaters if you like being scared lol. There are aspects of the visuals and sounds in a theater that cannot be reproduced at home. It was very immersive.

The CGI sharks, though not perfect, was sufficient to suspend disbelief. Lots of tension, very well done for the $17 million dollar budget. Twist ending, all round pretty well done and aside from the technical parts about diving, this is some good entertainment!