I know it sounds crazy, but its true. Also, as soon as the T2i is released, we will be shooting that one as well. I wouldnt try to tackle all at once, but we have a lot of video from last years Nashville Workshop. (There are about 20 hours of lessons from these 3 workshop days). The plan is to take those lessons and divide them by topic to go into the following DVDs:

– Advanced Photography Techniques – This covers most of the major cool techniques that I know that most beginners and intermediates and even advanced users wouldn’t. Packed with tons of little tips, tricks and exercises to help take your photography to the next level. Advanced lessons on Painting with Light and Painting with Dark, Fireworks, technically challenging type shots.

– Lighting Crash Course- This will probably be the most challenging DVD I have ever made. There is so much information out there, even things I haven’t learned yet…. so many techniques, gear, etc. It has to be simplified and taught in such a way that anyone can tackle difficult lighting situations. Will have numerous exercises. This is essentially what I would teach if I was designing a college level course in lighting. If there is one DVD I could choose to be my very best…this will be it. I know I have really high expectations for myself, but Im determined and I want to do a good job on this one. I find myself scripting and planning this one more than the other 2.

– Wedding Photography Crash Course- Everything a Wedding Photographer would want to know….ok, just about everything. This DVD Set (it will be 8-12 hours) will try to convince an individual to go ahead or not get involved with the Wedding Photography Business (its not for everyone, and there are a lot of people out there in it which shouldn’t be). This set also have sections on “Marketing and Strategy Crash Course” for Photographers, which will eventually also be a separate DVD Set.

From what I have seen, the absolute best part of the workshop, at least in my opinion, was on Marketing and Strategy, very good stuff. And about 2-3 hours of it could go on a DVD the way it was shot. No need to re-shoot or edit. Many parts will have to be reshot for technical reasons (bad audio, etc).

Once the topics are split up and divided, I will focus on one DVD at a time, in this particular order. The APT DVD is first because its the closest to being finished. I believe it will go to production sometime in March, the Lighting DVD in May and the Wedding Photography DVD in August. We will be shooting several additional lessons over the next few weeks in Alabama, Arizona and Maui.

If anyone lives in these areas is interested in helping out with production, please let me know or comment below. I can always use some extra help!

So, 2010 should be an extremely busy year for me. We are looking at 5-7 DVDs and at least a handful of more Apps (still on the fence about these guys), and my first book. Yes, you are reading this right- the funny thing is, the book has very little to do with Photography, Haiti or anything else that you might expect, but I think most people would find interesting and useful. Ive been working on it for years. Busy, busy, busy!