This book has been a very interesting read. There are a number of physiological hurdles you will have to overcome if you actually want to mentally digest what this guy is proposing.

1. The title is very fairly-tale-ish. As in “this is impossible”, a.k.a. why even bother reading this?
2. The author, Tim Ferriss, in my humble opinion- is incredibly arrogant, not in a good way either, more of a “I am better than you lower humans” kind of way “…and oh ya let me tell you why”….

If you can get past these two hurdles, this book is awesome. Having played division one football, there are some rules when it comes to smack talking, the main one being: “If you can back it up….you can say it” (Doesnt mean you should say it, but at least you have some sort of right to saying it, especially when you win).

Tim Ferriss, is living proof that his life system works, although I wouldnt flaunt it in the same way, he has certain bragging rights and if you listen to what he has to say, it very well could change your life. His book revolves around a set of rules to help “automate” your life and make enough money, not so much to get filthy rich, but to have a meaningful and interesting life, and really do whatever it is you want, working at minimum a few hours a week.

The first hurdle will be the hardest to get over, but if you can…wow…what a great book. I will probably read it again, this was totally my kind of read.