I learned of this as a thread on the forum which you can find here:
Michael The Mentor Forum 365 Self Portrait Project thread

and it turns out to be a really great way to improve your photography, well known on many forums:
365 Self Portrait Project

The only real rules are that you have to be in the picture in some way, and be the one pushing the shutter button. You can use timers or remotes but you have take a picture of yourself. Photoshopping and any type of post processing is fair game. Because I know I am going to get crazy about this, I am adding a few other rules:

A. I can use videos. If I make a video, and it has my voice on it, its game. This includes random blabbing about whatever.
B. I can take multiple pictures on one day and post them over the period of several days.
C. If someone approaches me and asks to take my picture for the 365 Project (if I am on a wedding shoot or a Michael The Mentor Photorgraphy Festival for example) I can use this image as long as they asked, are in the picture, press the shutter, and send me the image through email. I dont think Im going to get a lot of these, but there you have it.
D. Costumes, props, just plain sillness and any other way to be creative is game.

I also reserve the right to add a few rules here and there as we go, as I am sure tweaks will be needed.

I want to note how absolutely nervous and uncomfortable I am with this idea. I have been thinking about it for about 6 weeks now and have thought myself out of it make times, still it comes back as something I should try. I know this feeling, its like when I was debating taking up skydiving. I HATE having my picture taken still, I see it as a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow and especially force me to think creatively. Ive seen some really amazing growth with the students doing this on the forum and I need to try it out…yes for a year.

So essentially what this means, is you can expect a new image of me, everyday, right here on the ol’ blog.