What is the historic difference in sizes between 35mm for stills vs 35mm for motion picture, sometimes both are referred to correctly as “Full Frame”?: Click here to learn more about film sizes.

I also often hear criticism of APS-C cameras & certain crop factors being “deal breakers” as video cameras (this is almost exclusively coming from my photography friends btw), and I hope this video clears up what Super 35mm is, and that yes it is normal to shoot high end motion picture with a 1.5x crop sensor. (My cinematography friends will think this is funny for me to make this video).

In fact, there are only a few dedicated video cameras that have very large sensors:

Click here for a list of video cameras with very large sensors.

This is part one of a series of videos I have coming that defines some of the misperceptions and tools of DSLR and mirrorless video cameras as they apply to cinematography type work. It is my hope that it better defines the correct terms and reduces some of the confusion.

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