Just finished an amazing wedding with Ginny and Neal and drove up to Fort Payne, Alabama, but lo and behold- all the hotels were booked. The lady at the front desk says: “There is some big wedding out here tomorrow, most of the hotels are full.” She was right, ALL the hotels in Fort Payne were booked. I am wondering, is there more than one wedding out here tomorrow, or is this going to be like the biggest thing ever. All I know is, I am DEAD tired, but I took a quick moment to go to Huddle House! YUM!I like the occasional Huddle House or Waffle House meal. They are so greasy and bad for you, but its just an experience if you havent had the chance. The Strawberry Waffle is amazing!! Yum. YUM!! Wish I had someone here to share with me. Check back tomorrow for more pics from the wedding!