Self Publishing is a tricky thing. As hard as it was to write the book, I am learning that the marketing and getting it picked up by a publisher is going to be even harder.

Just got my proof book back from my printer this week, its kinda neat to finally see the actual physical book. After working all day on a computer, when I do have the chance to read, I prefer to read actual physical books, with physical pages I can turn. I just feel like it is easier on my eyes. There were a few little things I wanted to change in the printed version, but I was still pretty happy with the prototype. The images are in black and white, but otherwise are fine, even the low resolution iPhone images we used.

Getting a book printed up is expensive. I can only afford about 500 copies right now, but I am hoping to sell half of those and then reinvest the money into hard backs.

We expect the first copies of the physical print book to go on sale about a week before Christmas.

For those of you interested, I went with a printing company called “Mira Digital Publishing” and so far it has been a great experience.

If you are interested in writing and printing your own book, you can check out their website here: Mira Digital Publishing