Ladies and Gentlemen, I know you have been waiting for this, these are the 2010 SLR Division Winners. A few notes:

I was hoping for more sponsors, but we didn’t get many this year ( was the only one, all other prizes are being furnished by myself). All Coupons are good for one year. There are a number of training DVDs, Downloads and Actions available, and something for everyone. Coupon has a one-time only use, so when you cash it in, make sure you use as much of it as possible. Coupons can also be saved for up to one year or used for a training workshop.

SLR Winners:

1st Place Winners: $200 Gift Code for Michael Andrew Online Store.
2nd Place Winners: $100 Gift Code for Michael Andrew Online Store
3rd Place WInners: $75 Gift Code for Michael Andrew Online Store
4th Place Winners: $50 Gift Code for Michael Andrew Online Store
5th Place Winners: 16×20 Canvas Print from
Honorable Mention Winners and all other winners will receive an Award PDF Certificate.

– If you are a winner (ie- everyone on this page), please email us at Maven Contest so we can verify and speed up the award process. If you are ok with it, we would like to post some information about you, your studio or any details you would like to give about the shot you entered. We have been extremely careful to separate the photographers from the images and for the most part and we would all like to learn more about you, what you do etc. If we are unable to reach you, or you do not respond to us by Jan 15th 2011, your prize will be forfeited. Animals-
1. Jumping Wildebeast with Herd
2. Black Cat – Orange Eye
3. Fighting Horses
4. Dolphin Eating a Fish
5. Wet Cat with Blue Eyes
HM- Seagull Up Close
HM- Rooster Up CloseAbstract-

1. Overly Bashful or Perhaps Just Cold Half Naked Chick
2. Rainbow Lemon Drops
3. White Pipes
4. Jets Over Engine
5. Inception-LIke StaircaseMacro-

1. UFO Droplets
2. Dragonfly Head
3. Purple Flower Droplets
4. Insect on Kiwi Fruit
5. Snail Head
HM- Spider
HM- Orange Butterfly Sports
1. Wave Surfer
2. Flying Motorcycle
3. Ice Climber
4. Wrestling
5. Stadium
Honorable Mention- Racing Oxen
Honorable Mention- Zip LiningPortraits

1. Old Man
2. Ninja Woman
3. Babooshka
4. Half Face of Child
5. (Tie) Curly Blond Haired Woman
5. (Tie) Green Eyed Woman with Red Background
Honorable Mention- Radio DJLandscapes-

1. Mountain Train
2. Log on a Lake
3. Shipwreck Sunset
4. Ocean Rocks w Blue Sky
5. Night Sky
HM- Black and White Cityscape
HM- Wave with Double Rainbows

And lastly, here is the poll for the Final Grand Prize Winner. Which of the First Place Winners do you think should win? I have already cast my vote!