I know many of you have been patiently waiting so I wanted to give you guys an update, things have been a little crazy.

We had about 2200 submissions for the 2010 Photography Contest, most of the submissions came on the last 2 days which ended up crashing the email account we had set up for it. This tells me the the duration of the contest doesn’t really need to be more than a few weeks next time.

I have not looked at all of the images, but from what I have seen so far, many are very, very good. Some are jaw droppingly stunning. Because we had the fewest submissions for the cell phone contest, this will be the first one we will go through (its going to take some time to go through the 1800+ images for the Main Division).

Cell Phone Division

Portraits – 77 Entries
Landscape- 150 Entries
Wildcard – 125 Entries
Possible DQ (As in disqualified) – 9 – I will have to review each of these individually.

Keep in mind that the winner from each category will win a camera of some kind, with the Grand Prize winner receiving a Canon T2i SLR with Kit Lens.

The first part of the contest is me going through each and every single image and selecting a pool of “nominees”- If possible I would like to present them in slideshow or gallery fashion for several reasons- mainly because I want everyone too see what great work was submitted. I was truly shocked by the how many people from different countries participated.

If you are not nominated, please do not be upset. Keep on plugging away and try again next year. I will do my best to keep it free and do this every year. I am also learning on how to be more organized and to get submissions through faster and more efficiently, I will most likely make mistakes on my own.

From the “Nominee” pool, I will select about 10-15 images for our judges to vote on. The top 5 images for each category will be posted on the blog and we will have a voting period of a few days. Whomever has the most votes wins. I think this is a good way to pick a winner because it would have to go through 3 rounds of judging (me, judges, and finally the you, the blog readers).

Its unavoidable for me to know several of the people who entered, but I want to keep this as fair as possible and let the best image win. Looking to post the first set very soon (Weds or Thursday).