Just a friendly reminder that there are only two weeks left to submit images on this years Photography Contest. Even though it’s been in play for a month now, I am a bit surprised at the relatively few number of entries we have gotten, With 10 prizes in each category (That’s 60 Prizes), if the contest were to end today, I would say this would be a very easy contest to place in. I am also considering a few additional special prizes and honorable mentions.

That said, last year we were absolutely flooded with entries the day of and before the deadline- it crashed our email account for 2 days! Try to get your submissions in at least a few days early. Also, we have been getting a lot of questions that are all answered in the description.

As another point, having a contest is a great way to help get your business name out there, and while I realize not everyone can give away cash or cameras, one really clever way to market your photography business is to give away something that is valuable, that people will want, and yet you pay relatively little for, and I am talking mostly about your photography services.

Giving away a basic photography package, Senior Portrait or even a full on Wedding Package in the form of a contest is a fantastic way to create buzz and interest. Here is a grew example of a Wedding Photography Package Contest, recently given away by a great Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer. I cannot overstate the importance of sharing contests through Facebook, Twitter and Social Media. If it is an attractive contest, these social media sites make it very easy to share. (This is a hint if you haven’t shared my contest yet ;))

It is also very, very important that you do a professional job and then promote your winners accordingly. This will help for future contests as well. I am already preparing for a Cell Phone Photography Contest this next Spring.

Looking forward to seeing all your great entries!