We have an Epic Shootout coming next week between the Panasonic GH5 and the Olympus OMD EM1ii. Everyone is raving about the GH5 for its video features, but I have give it to Olympus, I keep on finding more and more to love about it.

2 Killer features it has the do not get the respect (and there are actually more than 2).

1. Its High Res mode. Granted this only really works perfectly on a tripod and with non-moving subjects, but it allows you to get 50 MP (JPEG) and 80 MP images from a 20 MP sensor. Its IBIS tilts the sensor in different directions and creates a composite. 80MP RAW file with a 20 MP sensor?? Yes that is awesome.

2. The HDR feature on the OMD is ridiculous. Not only is it fast and processes in camera, it produces a composite RAW for that HDR shot. Typically you get separate images if at all (often not RAW). This is a RAW HDR shot.

But the in camera JPEGS aren’t bad either:

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