Let me first say thank you to everyone who has supported Mathieu and I
in whatever way you have. Be it thoughts, prayers, donations or words
of encouragement.

As Shannon mentioned yesterday, Mathieu and I were about to run some
errands, and then head for the airport. We are both tired, dirty and
aching to come home. Shortly before we started our day we got an email
from the 82nd Airborne expressing interest in what we have been doing with
GPSing the orphanages and assessing their needs.

Long story short, this is now the game plan. We have turned all
of our information over to the 82nd and they are consolidating our
lists into one. They have agreed to help us distribute food and
supplies to all of the orphanages we have or will find. I was interested to
know that they also have their own scout teams out looking for them.

My primary role has changed, and that is to coordinate supplies to the
82nd for distribution to the orphanages. They gave me a list of things
they wanted; Food, Water Purification Solutions, Tents, Tarps and
Clothing. The SA has already agreed to supply the food request, and
upon my return I ran into filterpurefilters who has agreed to supply
the filter systems. Samaritans Purse will supply the tarps, Shelter
Box, and the tents on an as needed basis. I wasn’t able to personally line
up the tents and tarps, but made the recommendation to the 82nd to ask
them. They did and it all worked out.

It’s funny because I have very little pull with the NGOs. They don’t
even return my emails, but when the 82nd asks….they get it! I really
like the guys I am working with, they are top notch, and very nice.

Mathieu and I are working on a clothing solution, but we found out SA had four
random crates of it which just got here and was sitting on the Tarmac.
We told the 82nd about this and I think they already have it. Mathieu and I spent the
morning looking for a clothing distributor here in PAP, but without
luck. We hear St Marc has some wholesaler which sell very cheap, and this
may be the way to go.

We are also considering working with MAF to get smaller loads of
supplies flown in. To make this happen, we would need a church group
in either Orlando or Miami to sponsor the program. The 82nd would make
a request, and it would be up to the church to gather it and get it on
the plane.

It’s been an amazing experience. Mathieu told me today he has to be
back by Wednesday night, so I’ll have to make a decision to stay or
go. If I am still making a big impact, I will do my best to stay. If
the 82nd orphanage program is moving full steam ahead, and doesn’t need
me then I’ll come back this next week.

Looks like I’ll be missing the super bowl. I’m having very strong
cravings for chick-fil-a, pepperonis pizzas and root beet floats.